When you choose to have your dog groomed by A Dapper Yapper they'll receive a quality one–on–one spa experience that will leave their tail wagging!

Full Grooming includes the following:

**Matted coats: If your pet's coat is matted this will change the price of a regular groom. This is determined on a case by case basis. Some matting can be brushed out without requiring too much stress on your pet. If the matting is too excessive it will endure too much pain and stress on your pet . If this is the case it may result in needing to shave the coat and "starting over". Having your pet on a frequent grooming schedule will avoid these issues.


Nail filing: After the nails are trimmed filing dulls your pet's nails so they are smooth to the touch. 5 dollars

Red Dingo Dog Tags: Custom engraved dog tags in many sizes, colors, and styles. Please take a look in my catalogue during your grooming session and pick your pet's perfect tag! 12 dollars

Nail Polish- Add some color to your dog's nails with our specially designed doggie nail polish. 5 dollars