Why Mobile?

  • Eliminates your trip to and from the salon
  • Leave the pet hair with us not in your car
  • Less stress on your pet
  • Security of knowing your dog is out front of your house
  • Rather than your pet sitting in a salon for hours the grooming is done start to finish with no wait time
  • One-on-one attention with no distractions of other barking dogs
  • We never recycle our water
  • Our salon is fully licensed and insured
  • Equipped with everything we need to groom, we require nothing more than a place to park
  • Our salon is climate controlled to keep both your pet and I comfortable

Pricing is determined based on the size and breed of your dog. Prices are estimate due to the fact that every dogs size, temperament, and condition of coat are different. Prices are subject to change based on the previous factors. Please call 732-614-7134 for an estimate on your pet's next spa day!


“Thank you for the great job!!! Harley looks adorable!!!”

“Hi!! Thanks for an awesome job with my parent's puppy yesterday! My mom said he looks great! Im not sure how you handled the constant biting. :) Thanks again! and best of luck. Im sure you will be seeing Rudy again in a few weeks :) ”

“I highly recommend using A Dapper Yapper. Melissa is a amazing groomer! I wish she would come work for us instead ;-)”

“He's our brand new boy! You did an excellent job! Thank you :)”

“Have to thank you for an awesome cut . to me he has that Blue ribbon look. Hunter will be back . thank you David”

“He looks so dapper now!! Job well done ! Thanks again.”

“Thank you for doing such a beautiful job on "my Granddaughter" Sophie....Next grrom for Sophie you will also have my baby Morky "Josie" she is 6 lbs. You will love her too!”